barony universal environmental & sustainability policy

Barony Universal Products recognises that all of our business activities have an effect on the local environment. Therefore, these activities will be managed in such a way that reduces their impacts to a practicable minimum. Barony Universal Management and Employees are committed to continually improve on our environmental management. This will be achieved by compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements and by setting of specific environmental objectives annually.

To comply with our policy we at Barony Universal Products will:

  1. Develop internal awareness of our Environmental Policy and build environmental responsibility into all aspects of Barony Operations.
  2. Continue to invest in improving energy efficiency and energy conservation.
  3. Prevent pollution at source, wherever and whenever possible.
  4. Control the creation of waste and wherever possible, recycle materials and dispose of waste in a safe and responsible manner.
  5. Seek suppliers and subcontractors who have a high standard of environmental performance.
  6. Strive to reduce the release of emissions and pollutants by replacing pollutants with environmentally friendlier perfumes and chemicals whenever possible.
  7. Minimise Health & Safety risk to all employees.
  8. Comply with all legal or other requirements and adopt a pro-active stance in anticipating future more stringent requirements.
  9. Carry out regular environmental audits to ensure effective implementation of the Environmental Policy and to lessen the risk of operational failure, which might lead to environmental damage.
barony universal environmental & sustainability policy