Barony Universal Quality Policy

The Barony Universal Management and employees are charged with the responsibility to continually review and institute changes to enhance customer satisfaction by producing safe, legal and quality products for our customers.

The workplace, plant and equipment will always be maintained at high standards to ensure that we achieve an optimum output in a clean, efficient and above all, safe environment for our fellow employees.

Raw materials and componentry sourced for Barony and Private Label products will be from accredited suppliers. Specifications must always be verified prior to receipt of deliveries. Rigorous checking systems, which we have implemented, and control, ensure that the handling and processing of these materials is traceable throughout the manufacturing procedure. The movement and storage of all of our goods will be in packaging, which is prescribed to protect, enhance and avoid wastage.

We strive to communicate effectively with each other in Barony Universal to achieve the high levels of product quality and service required by our customers.

“We have confidence in the knowledge that we have produced a quality product”.

Barony Universal is committed to continual improvement through KPI objectives and targets that are monitored to ensure that the Quality System is operating effectively.

Barony Universal is certified to the ISO9001 Standard along with the British Retail Consortium Global Standard for Consumer Products - Product Group 1.

Barony Universal Quality Policy